by Mixed Up Mama
Celebrate your multiracial family
10 ways to celebrate your multicultural family

Are you raising multiracial children and wonder if they’ll grow up feeling positive and confident about who they are? Are you intentional about making sure they have examples of culture and heritage surrounding them everyday?

Children will always have questions and they may face questions from their peers about who they are, what they look like and where their parents are from. Even if you don’t speak to them about it, they’ll have questions regardless.


Talking to your multiracial children and family about identity and the many cultural nuances that make up their heritage is part of raising healthy, happy multiracial children. We want you to have fun with this though.


Download your free 10 FUN ways to celebrate who you are as a multiracial family and get ready to transform the way you and yours think about identity. I guarantee you these 10 activities will not only bring you closer as a family but also open up conversations and stories you never dreamed you’d have with your youngsters.

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