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Hey, I’m Fariba
I am 100% about supporting parents and families raising multiracial kids to be comfortable in their own skin, proud of their heritage, and most of all, confident about who they are and who they can be.


I grew up mixed heritage myself- Iranian/British- and was raised in a small town outside Edmonton, Canada- one of a handful of immigrant families living in the area.


My experience growing up without an identity spurred my curiosity in University when I began to explore what my combined mixed race experience looked like, how it had influenced me and where I came from.


I am now raising three mixed race Nigerian/ Iranian/ English daughters aged 11, 9 and 7 years with my husband Laolu and our lovely bunny Barry. Together, we’re loving the journey growing up mixed in our hometown of London, England.


Join me and thousands of others across the globe who want to find a community where they feel safe to ask questions, inspire others, share advice and support each other to cultivate positive identities for our next generation of mixed race or interracial kids.


It’s food for thought, ideas for living genuinely and inspiration for you and your mixed race family.


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Here are some ways we can collaborate! 


Writing – I love to write. I have a master’s degree in journalism and I’m itching with ideas and information about what inspires mixed race families. See some of my previous work here.


Product partnering – If you own a business that you know will help mixed race families to grow and inspire, get in touch! I’d love to help you support our community! 


Feature – My family and I love to try new things, explore our identities and talk about who we are. Get in touch! 


Custom projects  I love to hear from readers. Whatever it is, send me an email.

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