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I am a freelance Content and Social Media Writer, specialising in writing for the web. I have keyword and SEO experience, and I strategise and implement social media campaigns, as well as write blog pieces, biographies and news stories.

I tell your story in a targeted, honest and creative way through your website and social media campaigns by creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content. My work has been featured in the Huffington Post, BBC Women’s Hour, SheKnows Media, Mile High Mamas, NetMums, Multicultural Kid Blogs, My Hair and Beauty Magazine and more.

Born in Iran, raised in Canada and now permanently based in London, England, the diversity of places I’ve lived in and experienced has- I’d like to think- given me a backdrop for understanding people in all of their colours.

After completing a Masters in journalism, I started out writing for an online lifestyle magazine in the up and coming city of Lagos, Nigeria. Discovering my new city through the eyes of Lagosian residents, returnees and expats, I developed a flair for blog writing and connecting with audiences around the world.

I soon moved away from Lagos but continued my love for online marketing and content.  I self-taught in the skills of WordPress, website design, SEO and social media and nurtured my passion for writing by starting my own blog (Mixed.Up.Mama) attracting over 500+ Facebook followers in just under 2 months.

I added to my skills by becoming certified by the Social Media Management School and have advertised through most social media channels.

I now live in London, England with my husband and 3 kids and when not working on my blog, I can be found daydreaming of travelling in some exotic location.

I want to write content for businesses who want to connect with their customers, not just sell brands.  I’d love to work with you.

Don’t take my word for it, send me a message below.

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