Best Gift Ideas for Multiracial Mothers

by Mixed Up Mama
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Happy Mother’s Day fellow Multiracial Mamas!

It’s hard to find gifts that honour the multiple heritages that make our families unique. And that can also depict the diverse skin tones that make up a multiracial family.

I’m tired of settling for the blonde white mother in the card or the necklace of my two children that looks nothing like us.

Times are changing and more and more brands and artists are catching on that families do not look the same. Allowing customers to personalise gifts to ensure they represent the true uniqueness of multiracial mothers and their families is not only progressive, it’s necessary.

So I’m bringing you a few ideas that you can share and pass along to your partners, friends, parents or even grown up children… whoever may be buying Mama’s gift this year.

Capture the diversity of your mixed race family today with unique gifts ideas for multiracial mothers…

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Gift Ideas for Multiracial Mothers

Personalised Mummy and Me Book

Every mother is special and unique, and she deserves to know how much her sons and daughters love her. What better way to tell her than with a story starring her very own family?

Personalise this storybook for your multiracial mother with her skin colour, hair, glasses or not and create a gift as tender as her heart!

Mama’s Own Recipe Book

This gorgeous recipe book is the perfect place to keep those all important recipes to be passed down for generations to come.

Personalise the front cover with your multiracial mother and watch this recipe book fast become a treasured possession in the kitchen as you add in recipes old and new.


Gift Ideas for Multiracial Mothers

Turn your entire family into Face Mushions!x

Turn your entire multiracial family’s face into squishy cushions! Clearly not for all Mums but definitely for the Mum with a sense of humour!

Watercolour People Portrait

A personalised watercolour sketch based of a favourite photograph, hand-drawn by artists working in Devon.

Drawn in a freehand flowing line, the black and white portrait is then coloured with watercolour brushes to pick out a few highlight colours.

Gift Ideas for Multiracial Mothers

Dual Heritage Family Hearts Map Print

No need to choose between two places, display both family heritages with our Dual Heart Map print.

Display your family heritage with these map prints.

Personalised Bag With Child’s Drawing

Personalise a bag with your child’s drawing to create a unique and magical gift for your multiracial mother.

A thoughtful keepsake from the little ones and a great way to capture and treasure your children’s drawings. Perfect for proud mums and grandmothers.

Gift Ideas for Multiracial Mothers

Engraved Heart Photo Pendant

Personalize your heart charm with an engraved photo of your fondest memory and any words you want to express at the back of the pendant.

Gift Ideas for Multiracial Mothers

Record Your Own Mother’s Day Song

Practice and perfect your own music with the help of the experts, as you and your little ones have the time and facilities to create your own music to keep forever! Record your favourite family song and take home a cd to keep forever!

Gift Ideas for Multiracial Mothers

Bespoke Mother and Child Handcrafted Pixie People

An absolutely adorable sentimental gift for any mother or daughter or son.  A beautiful personalised box frame which contains handcrafted Pixie People replicas of the real people , made to your specifications and mounted on a background of words phrases and anecdotes of your choice. A perfect gift idea for multiracial mothers.

Gift Ideas for Multiracial Mothers

Journal My Life, My Story Mother’s Legacy Journal

This very special legacy journal will fill you with smiles as you ponder where to begin.  Your first kiss, that worst job, your own mother’s favourite catchphrase. Or when you first began to think about having your own children. This enchanting volume captures all of those memories and tells your story.  Of who you were, where you came from, how you grew and the main events that shaped you into who you are today. This is a book for sharing – now and as a loving legacy. Imagine, sitting with your own daughter while, together, you both write, laugh and reminisce.

And last but not least… don’t forget your card…


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tanvi gupta September 25, 2019 - 7:30 am

Mumma’s own recipe book is the best gift for my mom as she always forgets her recipes and she keep them on sticky notes flying all around the place.

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