Check Out These Incredible Black Greeting Cards Featuring Mixed Race Girls!

by Mixed Up Mama
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So when I’m onto something great,  I want to share it with my mixed race community. Within a few short days of launching this blog, I met Joanne, an artist who was creating something similar to what I wanted- something that inspires our biracial girls and boys to feel good about who they are and to be represented.

These black greeting cards are so inspired and creative that you’re not going to want to stop at one.  Joanne creates cards and wonderful wall art that you can put up all over your child’s bedroom.

Joanne’s story is inspiring. With two little girls of mixed heritage herself, Joanne quit the corporate ladder to pursue her artistic talent. Her paintings as well as her line of mixed race and black greeting cards are incredible- the reason I’d like to share her website so you too can be inspired!

Visit her shop today and see for yourself what being represented can look like…

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