Curly Hair Biracial Boys Haircuts & Styles **UPDATED**

by Mixed Up Mama

There are loads of new ideas for curly hair biracial boys haircuts to inspire new and creative hairstyles . With a full gallery of easy hairstyles for curly mixed race girls, we wanted curly biracial boys’ to have the same choice and inspiration. So we’re featuring it all right here.

And while everyone loves a little boy with a big beautiful head full of curls on his head, trimming those curls can be a big deal.

Haircuts, especially for biracial hair can dramatically change the look of your little one if not taken seriously.

First, talk to your hairstylist about how he/she will cut the curls. Do you want him to use clippers? Is your child old enough to sit still for cornrows? How long will the cut take? Do you want natural edges or hard, clean edges at his hairline? All the answers to these questions will depend on your biracial child’s age, his ability to sit still and the length and curl pattern of his curly hair.

Discuss with your barber how much he intends to take off and how much, if any, curls you’d like left at the top. Here are some more tips on how to take care of it. 

Make sure you go in fully armed with inspiration for what you think will look good on your biracial boy.  Here, you’ll find fades, cornrows, afros, top knots, fades, shaves and more for inspiration.

Men and boys are now growing their curly biracial hair longer than ever.  So it makes sense that they can choose from a variety of different looks instead of just the one close shave that so many were encouraged to sport for ease of maintenance. Take care of his curls and make sure you condition, moisturise, moisturise and moisturise. (Read more about taking care of curly biracial hair here).

It’s a new era for curly biracial boys haircuts so don’t let those boys & toddlers go out without a cool hairstyle! Get some inspiration from the gallery below and send us your favourite biracial boys haircuts for your mixed kids. Get styling!

For more where this came from, visit the Mixed.Up.Mama pinterest page featuring more curly biracial boy haircuts & styles.

**Please note: not everyone featured in the gallery above is mixed race. Some of the boys are black but have been featured because they have similar hair texture to biracial hair.


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