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Help! 7 Essential Tips to Styling biracial hair!

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I swore I’d never be that Mum. The white mum whose kids’ biracial hair looks like the Mum has no clue and her only attempt at ‘doing’ her daughter’s hair is to brush it– down.

Three mixed race daughters later and with all three sporting completely uniquely textured hair, I quickly learned that wash, brush-and-go would not work with my girls’ biracial hair.  A mountain of research, plenty of questions to friends and family and a motto to ‘learn as we go’ is the only way we’ve gotten this far. Now, with a 3 step routine every morning with each daughter, it’s gotten slightly easier but no less complicated.

So, I feel your pain. Not the pain at having curly hair. Truly, I love their curls. I love how it looks, how it feels and I love that each one is unique in how her hair falls- a lesson I am constantly reinforcing. Curls are amazing.

But what I don’t love is how little I know about how to do it. I have straight hair and before having biracial kids, I’d never heard of co-washing, could never imagine sleeping on satin pillowcases and putting ‘oil’ in my already oily hair was the last thing from my mind. So I’ve done my homework and then some.

So if you love your mixed kids, you’ll only want the best and time is nothing when it comes to doing it right. We’ve now gotten it down to a 20-30 minute routine, depending on how cooperative my girls are and the hairstyle they choose. (I definitely hate braids).

So I am offering some helpful curly tips, the best biracial hair websites, mixed hair tutorials from the experts and information to identifying the best curly hair products for your biracial kids curly hair care routine.

  1. Figure out their biracial hair texture.

I figured out early on there is a whole school of thought about curly girl hair type which, once identified, can open up all sorts of doors in terms of products recommendations and what would likely work on your biracial hair. So, to identify your biracial kids curly hair care type, check out these sites: 

2.  Follow naturally curly hair blogs.

There are so many out there! With so many helpful articles, blogs, styles and tips for toddlers, girls’, boys’, long, short and all kinds of curly hair. Here are the best I’ve come across: 

3. Get mixed hair care tips! 

I’ve gotten so many helpful tips from blogs and articles I’ve read online about biracial hair care. From co-washing to leave-in conditioner, to wetting my daughter’s hair every morning to activate the curls, start with these and you’ll feel like an expert in no time. The best part is that they’re not written for hair experts but cover the basics and give real, non-judgemental advice. 

4.  Use YouTube for hair tutorials! 

If you’re more visual and crave that hands-on lesson, try these Youtube channels. (And of course there’s a load more links on the right side for you to browse: 

5. Try different mixed hair care products. 

Although we all wish it was just about the amount of research you do that equals success, it is actually about trying, trying and trying more… And, then, just because it works on one biracial child’s hair, it may be different for your other child. Because biracial kids curly hair care will depend on the season, the weather, the thickness, length and curl size of each hair type- not just their hair texture. For reviews and recommendations for different curly girl hair products, go to:

6.  Ask around. 

Nothing beats a recommendation from a friend or someone you know. Every time you see another child with curly hair and you like what you see, ask the Mum what their hair regime is. Mums love talking about curly hair as do curly haired girls themselves I’m learning! Particularly if the child has hair similar to your ds or dd, make sure you ask them what products they use, what kinds of hair styles they do and what hair dresser they go to (it’s not every black hair dresser that can do mixed curly hair and the same goes for upmarket European hair salons- they may be expensive but curly hair has its own rhythm and texture).

7. Finally, and most importantly: Embrace the curls!

“I embrace my kids’ curls through praise and curly hair education. It is important to me that they love their hair, so I constantly tell them how beautiful and amazing it is. I never speak negatively about their curls or allow myself to show any frustration when I’m doing their hair. I make it a point to teach them about the products I’m using and why I am using them, as well letting them help me add their conditioner and styling products in anticipation of them one day managing their curls by themselves.” – See more at: Curly Genes: Meet Two Moms Who Embrace Their Kids’ Curls

If you would like to know more about teaching your mixed kids to love their curls, read on….

curly hair cheatsheet

curly mixed race hairstyles

My Mixed Race Curly Hair RoutineHow to Teach girls to love their curly hair

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10 thoughts on “Help! 7 Essential Tips to Styling biracial hair!”

  1. Hey there, could do with some help here!! I am a white woman with very straight fine texture hair and I have 2 mixed race sons both with very different hair types- same parents, just an eclectic mix of their father’s and my hair types. My eldest has very tight curls but soft fine texture to his hair and my youngest has bigger curls with much more lift to it and a thicker, more course hair. So far we’ve been OK as I have managed to keep their hair healthy with oils, both for their hair and scalp, and regular but infrequent washing and lots of conditioning and combing. We live in a small market town that is predominantly white, it is becoming more multi cultural but not fast enough, and while they see their father regularly we don’t really know that part of their family, so the 2 aunts and several cousins and older sister that would he perfect to help are not accessible!! So I am relegated to searching online hoping strangers can help me manage my children’s hair!! As mother’s, as much as we hate to admit to not being able to provide one of our children’s basic needs, like haircare, I actually can’t!! I would love some advice mcxx

    1. Hi Nicola, first off, you’re in the right place. As long as you’re looking for tips and advice, you’re always going to get better. While all of us are learning as we go, it does help to share things we’ve learned along the way. It sounds like your hair routine has been ok in that you know not to wash too frequently and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. I would check out my post that identifies hair types: Then, click on the link that takes you to a page where you can get tips for exactly your child’s curl pattern and hair texture. Try co-washing with a deep conditioner to keep it moisturised, finger comb it instead of trying to brush it and put it into protective styles at night to keep it from getting tangled (depending on your son’s length of hair of course). Try heavier puddings and oils for your son’s more courser hair and make sure you’re always working with damp hair to allow the curls to set. Give that a go and let us know how you get on. Good luck!

  2. Hi, I was just wondering if you had any self styling ideas for men, I have quite long hair but struggle to find a way to wear it when I haven’t got it braided.

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