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Free 5 day diveristy challenge

Boost your biracial child’s self-esteem and learn how you can create a positive identity for your mixed race children.

Why Should I take this FREE challenge?

Between the ages of 8 and 14, girls’ confidence drops by 30%, according to the survey of nearly 1,400 8- to 18-year-olds and their parents and guardians. The survey also found that three out of four teen girls worry about failing.
Boys’ self-confidence too can be at risk because of gender stereotypes and not feeling adequate enough.
We get a lot thrown at us about raising girls and boys to be confident but add to that the challenge of raising biracial children, we need to do more.
I grew up in a mixed family where we didn’t talk about identity- one or the other. Where my exploration of who I am/ was left to me. Inevitably, it led to all the stereotypes of what mixed race people can go through- confusion, isolation, a feeling of unbelonging and guilt.

Who is this challenge for?

It’s for parents who want to build a more positive identity for their biracial children. Parents who understand that race is not, and should not be, a defining characteristic of who their children are, but it is, inevitably important.
My focus is on parents who want their children to know and explore every part of themselves, to be able to talk about and understand race comfortably, to be 100% proud of who they are and where they come from and to be happy and confident about who they can aspire to be.


What will I get from it?

I promise that taking this challenge will help you become a better, more confident parent, opening up the door for further conversations down the line when (or if) race does come up, your child struggles with how they look and where their parents are from, are raised and when ambitions about who they can be and what is/isn’t beautiful is in question.
 Allowing children to explore who they are is

What will the challenge include?

Your e-challenge will include 5 days of material including resources, checklists and further reading on topics such as:

      1. Why representation matters

      2. Talking to Kids about race

      3. Biracial hair care

      4. Allowing your child to explore their mixed race identity

      5. Celebrating your multiracial family 

LET’S DO IT! I want to take the FREE 5 day Diversity Challenge!

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